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Have a question or need a custom quote?

To provide a price quote, we need some details in regard to the type(s) of package you need. Your details help us create a custom package for you that is often lower than our competition. Email us or submit your inquiry through our quote form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

How it works? We charge per/page, therefore there is absolutely no time limit on Development and Maintenance. Register or create account and purchase the right package. Write to us at info@walexconcepts.com and wait within 24 hours for approval to upload your contents where applicable. If you are not hosting with us, we would ask you to change your domain password after completing the task. You can either transfer your domain/website to us or ask us to visit your domain/website. If you want to transfer domains/websites to us, from another registrars, you will need to unlock the domains and ask the other registrar to provide you with the authorization (EPP) code. Write us at sales@walexconcepts.com providing the authorization (EPP) code for the transfer. We will do the rest.


Do you want everything in care? Our website management teams provide all the required skills for development, hosting and maintainance while you run business If you choose bundle/All-in-One plans. Bundle is all in one plans for development, hosting, and maintainance of one or more Websites in one yearly recurring fee. We offer excellent all-in-one plans streamlined to fit your purpose as well as fit into your budget for either Existing or New Wesites.
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Don't want Hosting and Maintainance? We can develop your Website and build your App to your specifications. Development is the process of designing website and building APP before hosting and maintenance in one-off fee payment per page. We do not employ website builder tools for website design. We build everything from scratch and test it on localhost before hosting.
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Don't want Development and Maintenance? We can house your Website and App as additional features If you choose bundle/All-in-One plans. If your setup has staff, utilizes business cards and promotional brochures, you need a Website. Your website will be your online window to the world. It is increasingly the means by which customers, prospects and partners wish to view you, even as just a supplement to letters, faxes and the more traditional ways of communicating.
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Don't want Development and Hosting? We can look after your Website for you. Maintenance is the process of looking after your website after development and hosting in one-off fee payment per page. You can either transfer your domain/website to us or ask us to visit your domain/website.To a company new to the Internet, maintaining a Website can be a difficult, and often expensive.
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